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Why I Think Body Positivity Is A Scam

As I gently assessed my body in the privacy of my room, I wondered when things that are natural to humans became body positivity issues. My stretch marks, scars, hairy body, loose skin, etc., are regarded as flaws by many in society.

I attended a group meeting one day, and a lady asked a question. She said, “Why am I supposed to shave my legs?”. I realised then that I don’t want to shave my arms and legs, but it’s difficult not to. The embarrassment of undressing in a public changing room or wearing short sleeves during summer when you have not shaved is just too much for me.

At 20, I started to gain weight and was almost becoming overweight. Obsessed with a slim body, I began my weight loss journey. I tried numerous programs, diet, and exercises. The excitement I felt when I lost 2kg was surreal.

However, when I saw someone who looked slimmer than me, I instantly felt discontent and wanted their body. I am so ashamed to say this right now but seeing a person who was bigger than I was at the time made me feel better.

At one point, my brain became so messed up. I had starved myself so much that I began to crave all sorts of foods, especially comfort ones, and I lost control over my mind and its urges. I ate a lot until my stomach was hurting and continued to eat regardless. Months later, I gained all the weight back and hated myself.

Thankfully, I am now in a better place. I no longer starve myself or engage in strenuous and unsustainable workouts. My focus is to eat and live healthy, taking one step at a time. I still worry about my weight( the sound of “you’ve put on weight” does not entirely sit well with me still), but my contentment with my body grows every day.

So why is body positivity a scam? Though designed to help the situation, I don’t think it’s actually helping, not for me. All it does is shine more light on the mess around us. It leaves many people (girls especially) asking, “why should I be a body positivity image when I am just a natural?” “Why should I receive lectures on how to love my own body?” The fact that we have to do #bodypositivity# is depressing.

Ladies, please stop! I said stop it! We claim to love each other, but we are our worse enemy. We shit ourselves too much. “She doesn’t look good without makeup.” “Why did she not shave her legs?” “Strawberry lady.” All of these come out of the mouth of predominantly girls. Men are not our major problem. We are!

Life is not a competition. There is no better person. If all you see in someone’s body are flaws and not confidence and beauty, then you are the most flawed!



i’ve just read 2 of your blogs for the first time(the one on body positivity and pain) and I can‘t help but see myself in your words. i’ve done all the mistakes I could but your blogs are a good reminder that we can be in a better place when we choose self-love, whatever our flaws may be. Thank you and keep up with blogging😄


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