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I once sat down with friends and for the first time discussed how I felt about the concept of God being in control, and I thought, why not write about this?

So, growing up, I hated the idea of someone controlling my life, dictating what it should be. What to do and what not to do. African parenting didn’t really make it any easier for me, lol.

I am a thinker, quite introspective, which explains why I am vvv introverted, lol. So, the idea of thinking my way through stuff was my comfort zone. I would brainstorm, Google, and then brainstorm some more, looking for answers deep within my soul.

But over the years, I have realized that I cannot overthink my way out of everything. As I grow older, I am faced with big life decisions that I cannot think or brainstorm my way through. Questions like my career, relationships, purpose?? All that stuff we thought was glamorous when we were 8 is not so glamorous now, hehehe.

I am now scared, really scared, of making decisions that will ruin my life, ones I will regret.

So now I think again about the concept of God being in control of my life, and that calms me down. It is reassuring to know that I do not drive the vehicle of my life, that God calls the shots for me. It is like being a child who’s not worried about what they will eat or wear the next day because they inherently trust that their parent will make the best decisions for them. Although many times I still worry:(

But then you may ask, where is the part where I take responsibility for my life? Yeah, of course, God being in control does not mean I can go out there and do whatever, and not care about consequences.

To me, I believe that everything, and I mean everything, the good and the bad, they all work together for my good, because God is in control. I will be fine.



I have really learnt something nice from reading this. Putting God in control can be a wise decision to make In life. You are rest assured that God is willing to guide you into making decisions that are reasonable. Thanks for sharing this message with us ❤

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Awww really encouraging:) thanks bro

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