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What Pain Taught Me Part 2

To those wondering how my heart got broken, Gather around and come and hear gist lol.

His hand holding mine, my eyes interlocking his, we talked until the night was dawn, and I didn’t want to go home any longer. At this rate, I will marry at 15. If there be a law against it, I would have to fight to change. Just so he could be mine only, then and forever.

What in the bloody hell? Was I possessed or something? Far from it! I became intoxicated with feelings for a guy I had not even talked to or met. I designed a version of him that I liked in my head and fantasized about him every passing day.

Alas! He was different when I finally got to meet him. I thought he liked me? He was staring at me this whole time, or was I the one staring all along? I loved him but not the real him. I fell in love with the version I had created. Not thinking, I acted like I was entitled to his care and love when we eventually talked in person. My fantasy will forever remain lost in my imagination, never to be found.

My crush did not break my heart. I broke my own heart. The lad did not bother to care because he never felt the same way. Someone said, “Assumptions are the lowest level of knowledge.” I cannot agree with that enough. Do not assume! Do not create a version of someone in your head! See them for who they are and how they truly feel about you!

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