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What Pain Taught Me

So, this was me at midnight tiptoeing into my mum's room to steal her phone and call the crush of my life, lol. After about an hour on the phone, we said our goodbyes, and I remember feeling guilty. I had exhausted my mum's credit which she bought with hard-earned money. It was a top-up credit to call Nigeria from the UK that I had used, and they are usually mad expensive.

My heart got broken a few months later. It turned out I got it all wrong. The crush of my life had crushed my heart. But walking through my heartbreak, I learnt most of all that family was all I had left at the time.

My sister, with whom I could moan and talk about my pain, as well as my elder brother, whose jokes would make me laugh my ass out. They have been great sources of comfort. My endearing younger brother always has a truck filled with hugs and joyful disturbances. My baby brother claims to make the best pancakes even if it triggers the smoke detector but has blessed my craving soul, and the baby of the house who would welcome me home and help me with my bag has been such a wonderful soul. How about my Dad? The motivational speaker of the house and my ever considerate and understanding mum. Pain taught me to value what I have.

It is not that I have the perfect family. No one does. We are humans, and we hurt each other. But in all, we learn and grow. We learn to endure and tolerate when we need to and speak up when the need arises. In the end, it is LOVE that binds us together! The family should be the first place we learn about love. Although, this is not the case for many.

If you are blessed to have a family, cherish it. Support one another, lift each other, and do not let anyone come in between you and your family. And to you reading this post who do not have a family for one reason or the other, I am sorry you have/had to go through this. But remember, family is not only by blood. Cherish those around you who have stuck with you through thick and thin.


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