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As the Top Boy season breezes past us, I've found myself frequently using the phrase "Top girl and that," for some reason – lol. However, this got me thinking: who truly is a top girl?

During my younger years, I used to believe that a top girl was someone who was rude and dismissive, coupled with a generous dose of sassiness and undeniable gorgeousness. A girl boss who dictated the terms without yielding to anyone else's authority – lol. She had street smarts, but academic intelligence was a taboo – lol.

But now, at my more mature age, what truly defines a top girl?

To me, a top girl is a person who embodies grace and elegance. She holds herself in high regard and avoids questionable situations. She remains steadfast in her morals and values. She doesn't seek to please everyone, but rather, she supports others. Her confidence stems from the knowledge that she is unique, and only she can authentically represent herself.

She stays true to herself.

I may not be a top girl now, but I am becoming one, continually striving to learn and improve with each passing day. The question is, are you?


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