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He Does Not Need Space!

These past couple of years in my Christian journey, I have failed God so many times, or maybe I have become more aware of how much I fail him every day. However, my issue is not so much that I let God down, though I need to work on my failures with the help of God. It is how I respond to my failings that baffles me most.

In the same way I feel the need to give my friend space when I offend them to avoid the awkward tension that comes with it: Waiting a couple of days or three until we can naturally get back to where we used to be, I find myself doing the same thing in my relationship with God.

Somehow, I would convince myself that God does not want to talk to me because he is mad at me and requires space. But the truth is, God doesn't need space from us. He owns SPACE! So even when I don't talk to God, God is there! He's Omnipresent. Moreso, God wants us to come to him. He wants us to approach the throne of Grace boldly, always. His friendship with us is superior to that with fellow humans.

Christ came to save us when we didn't realise that we needed saving; How much more now that I'm in him!

Now I'm learning to just talk to God anyway. Even though I feel horrible, that's a great place to start the conversation, like, "God, I've messed up again; what we gon do?" Lol.

Sometimes the beauty of salvation is hard to wrap one's head around. Why should a good God want anything to do with me? But he does! And that is so prettyyyy!


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