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I am starting to think on the concept of contentment. To be content sounds like a fancy word in this day and age where everyone is chasing everything including shadows. Someone somewhere is somehow living a better life than us, "they are living their best life", we would convince ourselves, and until their reality becomes ours, we will not stop chasing.

Here is a picture of food because I love food honestly! My best food is food:) I just wanted to say, go and eat.

(Back to the main point) We chase so many things in life, when we get one we start to chase another, it’s non-ending. I feel like innately we’re aware that those we look up to have their own issues but for reasons explainable or not, we still wanna be like them. We’d say “I wish my mid-life crisis was choosing where to spend money.” “I don’t care if I’m crying, as long as it’s in a mansion.” blah blah blah.

I think people are slowly realising that in spite of having all, there’s one thing they will forever continue to chase and that is contentment, because in it lies the happiness we all truly desire.

Let’s aspire to be content my friend!


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